Sunday, October 28, 2012

the walking dead season 3 liveblog! episode 3: walk with me!

8:30 - heya!

do you like the walking dead?
and hallowe'en?

and super scary gory fun?
will then hot diggity, do we have an hour of fun for you.
(eww, we said hot diggity. we're sorry.)

this week on the walking dead:
will rick slay more people for fun?
will everyone just kill for fun?
hey, michonne. what's up with her?

join us after the cut for all this and more, on episode 3: walk with me.

neil young is always appropriate.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

the walking dead season 3 liveblog! episode 2: sick!

8:40 - welcome back!
we're here for episode 2 of season 3, and it promises to be an exciting one!

will the group strengthen their hold on the prison?
will hershel's leg lead to infection, or worse?
will lori's baby be a walker?
will andrea's medication help?

join us beyond the cut for the answers to these (yeah, right) and loads more important questions!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

the walking dead season 3 liveblog! episode one: seed.

8:45 - willkommen!  bienvenue!  welcome!


haha, psych!  we're not reviewing dexter - this liveblog is for the season premiere of the walking dead!


we're here starting our first full season of liveblogging the walking dead. be excited - we kicked things off doing the season finale last year, and we're very excited about the developments of this season. stay tuned with us as we learn all about what directions the characters head in this year! will the writers follow the comics? will (rick make) lori keep the baby? will anyone miss shane? will carl stay in the damn house?

why won't this boy stay in the house?
8:55 - turn off your phone! dim the lights! get the umm, whatever you drink or eat! tonite's episode is brought to you by Muskoka Mad Tom India Pale Ale, Maudite and various David's Teas. Yes. Beer and Tea. We're like that. and we're excited! Hit the jump to watch the episode with us!

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