Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Liveblog! Episode 7: When the Dead Come Knocking

Good Sunday Evening, everyone!

Clearly with it being Sunday, you've shuffled your internet self over here to have a few drinks, and crunch some chips, and find out all about Walkers, Biters, Lurkers and Creepers with us.

Today's episode is called "When the Dead Come Knocking", and promises to bring us further befuddlement of our favourite settlements at both Unnamed Prison, and Woodbury, Georgia.

Wouldn't you know it though, I'm not particularly aware of any songs out there in the world called "When the Dead Come Knocking". I do suppose that we could write it. Or maybe even that some obscure metal band has already done so and it's not on Youtube. Either way, everyone loves some Johnny Cash.

Close enough, eh? Honourable mention to Knocking on Heaven's Door from Axl and Co.

So what do the sick fucks writers have in store for us this week?

How much longer will Andrea run around with her head in her ass?
How far will the Governor go in questioning Glenn and Maggie?
Will Little Ass-Kicker get a name? Or some of Michonne's formula?
Will Michonne find sanctuary with Rick's gang?

oscar too has risen to a level of respect. it's true. otherwise, why would they even show us this?

Join us over the jump to get the answer to these, and hopefully many more questions.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Liveblog! Episode 6: Hounded

welcome back!

we're here for another week of walker fun with rick et al (at least, that's certainly how the writers seem to view things).

today's episode is called "Hounded", again evoking some musical ideas.

we are in no way as old as our musical references imply

 a whole lot's been happening, and we've yet to see full ramifications from many of the events thus far.

since lori's death, rick has:

-killed various walkers in gruesome fashions.
-pinned glenn to walls inside the prison.

and since lori's death rick has not:

-held his newborn daughter.
-talked to his son.
-appeared to be sane.

what will he do to shake things up this week?
how will michonne fare outside of woodbury?
is woodbury anywhere near jackson lake?

we're just blowing off steam!

join us after the jump for the answer to these and many more questions!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Liveblog! Episode 5: Say the Word

hey! you're back, and so are we!
it's sunday again, and so we'll be here liveblogging The Walking Dead.

Today's episode is called "Say the Word", which inspires further musical references.

The Beatles are well aware of the word, and its implications.

What does this week's episode have in store for us?

How will Rick cope with Lori's death?

hint: not well. probably about as well as the writers? who's the lady trope now?

How will the deaths of two members (and a potential third?) affect the group?
How will Carl adapt to having a little sister?
...will they name her?
How will Daryl find formula or baby food out there in walker land?
Daryl is by far the most stylish of Rick's group.

Oh, right. Stuff will also happen involving Woodbury, and Merle, and Carol, and Andrea, and Michonne, and the Governor, and this will all eventually intersect. Spoiled!
Hop, Skip, and Jump along with us to find out all about what happens this week, and how many walkers get beaned.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

the walking dead season 3 liveblog! episode 4: killer within.

please forgive me this brief preamble!  or, you know, don't.  all good.
so, your friendly (ha!) ...pretty much a movie! bloggers had the impossibly good fortune to see the following song performed live on october 25:

...the killer in me is the killer in you...

and now, less than two weeks later, our favourite sunday-night zombie apocalypse drinking fest is airing an episode titled "killer within."


what will happen this week?
will michonne get her sword back?
will the woodbury folks meet the prison folks?
(will the writers stop ignoring the comics?)
will rick and lori kiss and make up?
(see above parenthetical point?)

(she's got a great point, no?)

follow us over the jump to learn all that and more!

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