Thursday, March 29, 2012

movie review: siblings.

canadian release date: 2004
writer: jackie may
director: david weaver
starring: alex campbell, paul soles, andrew chalmers, sarah polley, martha burns

fun fact!  i mistakenly believed this film was starring a culkin, and this was a significant motivation for both of us to watch it.  
it's a fact.
needless to say, i was wrong...but the overwhelming canadian media connections were a suitable consolation.  judge for yourself after the jump!

Friday, March 23, 2012

movie review: the cable guy.

the cable guy
canadian theatrical release date: 14-june-1996
writer: lou holtz jr.
director: ben stiller
starring: jim carrey, matthew broderick, leslie mann, jack black, owen wilson

this movie features a number of stiller and black-related cameos, including but not limited to kyle gass.
 it's a fact.
catalogue them all after the jump!  plus, if we miss any, you get to feel so superior.  i hear that's what you internet-types are into.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

movie review: greenberg.

canadian theatrical release date: 26-march-2010
writers: noah baumbach, jennifer jason leigh
director: noah baumbach
starring: greta gerwig, ben stiller, rhys ifans, jennifer jason leigh

fun fact/nepotism alert!  the following actors and actresses appearing in greenberg have family members with existing hollywood careers: ben stiller, jennifer jason leigh, jake paltrow, juno temple, dave franco, max hoffman, and zosia mamet.  and the co-writers of the film are also married, though it seems they filed for divorce in 2010.  yay, real-life couples in art?
it's a fact.
watch along with us after the jump!  take a risk, for once in your miserable life.
i mean it's really your choice.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

movie review: attack the block.

attack the block
canadian theatrical release date: 29-jul-2011
writer: joe cornish
director: joe cornish
starring: john boyega, alex esmail, leeon jones, franz drameh, simon howard, jodie whittaker

spoiler alert!  this movie rules, and it also features allusions to many famous science fiction authors, including, but not limited to john wyndham, arthur c. clarke, alan moore and douglas adams.
it's a fact.
watch along with us after the jump!  i mean, if you want to.
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