Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Oscars Liveblog! (and last night's episode of 'the walking dead')

this is our first attempt at live-blogging.  aligning it with the oscars seemed appropriate.  i mean, live blog, live awards ceremony...yeah.
is everyone excited?
is there anyone here?
...i don't know what's going on.
so come on and join us!  drink at arbitrary and pre-defined moments (in this case, "pre" can mean up to 0.3 seconds prior to the "drink!" prompt)!
shirley bennet came prepared.  shouldn't you?
share your love of dresses, glamour, and film, all while shedding disdain on the institutions and systems that restrict the very media they seek to elevate!
oh, and in light of that last point, there is a significant chance we will be switching off the oscars to watch and comment on tonight's new episodes of less than kind and (possibly) the walking dead...considering we haven't seen the bulk of this year's nominees, and the academy itself is pretty bullshit. 
anyway!  let luke and leia get you started, then follow us down the jump-hole (eew)!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

movie review: bridesmaids (special edition)

bridesmaids (unrated special edition)
canadian theatrical release date: 13-may-2011
writer(s): kristen wiig, annie mumulo
director: paul feig
starring: kristen wiig, maya rudolph, melissa mccarthy, rose byrne

fun fact!  on february 08, 2012, bridesmaids was announced to be the most in-demand of all the videos-on-demand.
it's a fact.
as a result of this record and the recently announced oscar nominations (ooh, topical!), we've settled on bridesmaids for the first movie we review. now watch it along with us after the jump!  or know, whatever.
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