Sunday, April 8, 2012

game of thrones season two liveblog! episode two: the night lands.

episode two!  at last!
throwing it down right now: if they show the iron islands today, you finish your goddamn drink, okay?   now let's party!
9:02 - aah...even the opening credits fills me with such satisfaction.  seldom has been the show to provoke such a reaction!  also, i want one of those 3D minecraft printout deals that is a map of westeros (at the very least).
9:04 - arry!  sneaking off to pee!  surely there's a way to fake standing up?  wait, actually
9:04 - JAQEN H'GAR!!!!!!!!!!  OH MY FUCKING GOD!  wait, that's how he looks?  and rorge has a nose?  well, okay...

9:05 - "a boy has more courage than sense."
9:05 - he is clean, and young, and...unnecessarily symmetrical.
9:06 - snap!  they're not at that village when this will the carnage play out?  oh wait, nevermind...i'm mixing up scenes.  this is what i get for re-reading the book!
9:06 - gendry, look out!
9:06 - yoren could shave a spider's arse if he wanted to, and nick leg-arteries until they can't be un-nicked.  he is bad-ASS.
9:07 - oh, it's gendry, with a hard 'g?'
9:08 - aah, tyrion!  going to visit shae, only to discover the spider sitting to tea with her!  well, likely wine, based on what we've seen so far.
9:09 - oh, much more mature and interesting than in the book!
9:09 - fish pie?  cheeeeeezy.  also, yuck.
9:09 - the overall lack of beards is a bit disconcerting.
9:10 - interesting power play with varys!  cinematography is particularly intriguing here, because of how dinklage must be shot to convey intimidation - it requires subversion of many cinema tropes.
9:11 - oh man, the chairs!  so nice!
9:11 - oh, cersei...ripping up the letter, being mad indiscreet about jaime.
9:11 - taking a drink for someone inside the show acknowledging that there are too many kings.
9:12 - where's ghost?
9:13 - fart noises.
9:13 - you can really feel the cold, that they aren't filming in a studio.  it's really impressive.
9:14 - GHOST!!  YAY!  big puppy who listens to samwell!

9:14 - oh sam, you sweetheart.
9:15 - i suspect that this whole issue with craster giving his sons to the cold will be made to be a bigger deal in the show.  it may be too difficult for people to reconcile meganoble jon snow forsaking these women and children for the more pragmatic ideals of the old bear.
9:17 - yay, daenerys!
the three-headed dragon douchebag
9:18 - holyshit, who did this?  it's so gory and intense
9:19 - oh wow, such a profane death...clearly done to bring even more pain to those that survive him, even temporarily.  ugh, she is so badass when she's speaking dothraki.  so impressive, strong and fierce.
9:19 - this woman can howl in grief very convincingly!

9:20 - oh it looks so good.  oh it looks oh so good so good.  oh my shit, i thought they'd skip over this?  why did i, though...fuckin' hbo.  thank goodness.  it's even more disturbing than in the book.
9:21 - okay, i'm cool with them skipping the blowjob scene.  this allows for more exposition!
blowjobs: counter-productive to exposition.
9:23 - well, this MORE than makes up for it.
9:23 - that lady is gorgeous.  straight-up gorgeous.
9:24 - "ah yes.  that was...poorly handled."  ahahah littlefinger, you fucking shit.  never die, okay?
9:25 - and the shift to such coldness, my goodness.  this guy is very impressive as an actor, probably one of my favourite castings on the show.
9:26 - yes!  i love this scene!  fuck you, janos slynt - you're no more powerful than a bit of rotten potato.
9:28 - bronn is stealthy, and also well-cast!  this whole scene is excellent.  i simply adore the lighting, and the soft movement of the curtains.  bronn fucking rules, man.
9:29 - "surprisingly a brutal, uncomfortable sort of way."
9:29 - aaaaand he just replaced slynt with bronn.  fuck yeah, tyrion.
9:30 - oh, so glad they left this scene in...tyrion's ethical and moral conflicts were summed up 800 times more eloquently in peter dinklage's face than they were on the page.  oh my goodness.  my face is chilled.
9:31 - ahahaha "so, if they got armour on, it's a battle."
9:31 - "any idiot can have armour."  "how did you know?"  "because i sold armour!"
9:32 - "you shouldn't insult people who are bigger than you."  "then i wouldn't get to insult anyone."  ahahaha arya, you are so amazing.
9:32 - her face is so open when he mentions her father.  it's really heartbreaking, the break in her tough facade.
9:33 - oh shit, throwing it down so early!  and in the middle of the day!  is she going to tell him who she is, too?
9:33 - oh shit.  she is.  she did.
9:34 - hehe, gendry is pretty amusing.  but i don't get a sense he was ever really...contrite?  or frightened?
9:34 - eep!  pyke!
eep! (link)
9:35 - haha, nobody cares about theon
9:35 - yesss, character who i should not name in case you haven't read the books yet!  i pictured her looking very different, but i like her attitude a lot.  they seriously cut down on their interactions, however.
9:37 - hahahaha theon is so fucking sleazy and blind.
9:37 - can't talk
can't type
this si the best set they ahve ever made
9:37 - wait, they didn't do the reveal.  i suppose they've another narrative plan for it?
9:38 - "that bauble around your neck.  did you pay the iron price for it, or did you pay the gold?"
oh, theon.  oh, euron.  wait, is that euron?  fuck it.  this scene is incredibly perfect.
his eyes are awe-inspiring!
9:39 - his garb is unlike any i have ever seen on this show.  continually amazed by the costume and set design on this show.
9:40 - fuck yeah, asha!  wait...what?  what's her name now?  did they...oh wait, they already changed robert to robin to not confuse the tv viewers.  i guess asha was too close to osha for hbo's liking as well?
9:43 - "i'm not going to rape her!  i'm going to fuck her."
9:43 - "i never thought you'd have a true believer for a son."  "ah, he's young yet."  AHAHAHAH we both laughed so loud, let's have a drink for atheism and for davos.
9:45 - "stannis is my god."  oh, davos.  you are truly the second coming of ned stark, for the readers and viewers.
9:46 - these two are so formidable and lovely against each other.
9:46 - oh my fuck, that's the costume that we saw at tiff bell!
9:48 - wow.  wow wow wow wow wow.  that scene between tyrion and cersei.  incredible acting, horrible familial bitterness and venom.
9:48 - cooool, they're playing medieval risk!
9:49 - she is so frightening and exquisite.
9:50 - oh fuck yes.  this is what i want.  the shit we never got to see in the books.  and also, her body is rockin'.
9:51 - waitwaitwait what?  he doesn't have a daughter anymore?  i liked shireen...she was so sad and horrible.
9:52 - "a son?" = BONER!  haha, what?  gross.
that had better be the shadow deal.  'cause that would be some bullllllshit adaptation, let me tell you.  way worse than daenerys still having hair.
9:53 - oh yes, it's still going!  last week's episode was done by now.
9:53 - oh shit, jon snow witnessing craster sacrificing his baby...he runs to stop him but stops in horror when he sees an other devouring it.
9:54 - shishishsihsihsish craster knocked him out!!  i know without question he will be fine, but i fucking gasped.

our verdict?
sort of a pretty much a movie - live!!!!

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