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game of thrones season two liveblog! episode five: the ghost of harrenhal

apparently things are going to get a little spooky tonight in harrenhal!


as usual, join us for some game of thrones party times after the jump!
8:30 - my, you're early!  have a cookie.

8:55 -  five minute warning! grab snack up, grab drinks!

9:00 - hoo, man, last week was crazy! any body going to die this week? any other weird black shadow creatures coming?


Time will tell!

9:02 -  okay, we're opening up at night time in renly's tent! cat and renly are making some pretty sweet sounding treaties, and it seems a bit like peace is sorta being made. "cat your friendship held the kingdoms together"... this is intense. and hey, there's brienne, removing renly's armour.


The Shadow flies in, all Stannis like, and stabs the shit out of Renly. Brienne screams, but it's over. Some guards come in and think Brienne killed Renly, but she smokes them all, and it's just her and Catelyn. holy damn!

9:05 - Brienne is crushed!

9:06 - We see Little Finger briefly, then a broken Loras and Margaery. Some conflict breaks out between the ,three but Finger suggests they leave, Stannis is on his way. Loras doesn't believe Brienne killed Renly! Different take on thing here!

9:07 - Loras wants revenge!

9:08 - "do you want to be a queen?"
"no, i want to be the queen!"

oooh, margaery.

9:09 - in a gorgeous room, we see tyrion informing cersei of the goings on, but with the twist that catelyn was the one who did it.

9:10 - so it turns out that cersei, and joffrey and lancel are hiding some stuff from tryion, which he doesn't like. so he threatens to tell jaime about their fucking. and oooh! they're making wildfire! they're going to shoot it from the walls at her ships. bit of a swerve again. lancel swears all of this in the light of the seven to tyrion.

9:12 - now davos is here, and he wants to talk to stannis about what's going on and what he saw in the cave. apparently most of renly's bannermen are backing stannis now. gorgeous sets here. love these tents. once they've consolidated their troops, stannis' chess set will help him take king's landing.

9:13 - stannis and davos squabble and melisandre and the truth.

"what's the truth? the hard truth?"
"she's a foreigner..."

davos goes on to say that people think melisandre calls the shots.
aaand, apparently they're going to blackwater bay?

9:14 - "hard truths cut both ways, ser davos"

9:15 - tyrion and bronn are walking and talking before running into a street talker who's spreading lannister family secrets and incest and crazy kings and calling tyrion a demon monkey. apparently the city's blaming him for their ills?

9:16 - theon's here and looking at boats. he's commanding the sea bitch apparently. his crew is disrespectful! they're going to the stony shore to rape and pillage apparently. more babbling about captaincy, and theon's balls by some fat asshole. he's all over the raping and reaving apparently.


9:20 - shiiit, it seems like theon's getting ready to take winterfell, under the mindfuckery of some guy.

9:20 - whelp, now tywin is holding some council it seems, and arya is there, being a cupgirl. tywin wants to stop robb, he seems worried. tywin kicks one of his cousins out, and switches everyone to water from whine.

"girl, where are you from?"

arya fails some questioning, and it turns out tywin knows she's a northerner. she fakes being in some other house and then tells him stuff about what the northerners say about robb. "they call him the young wolf..." it's a badass little bit. arya is awesome!

9:24 - arya's sneaking around, and wowsers, she runs into jaqen h'gar!   "a boy becomes a girl," he says.
they share some interesting discussion about choices.

"a man pays his debts. a man who owes three."

"you stole three deaths from the red god. we have to give them back. say three names. three lives i will give you. no more, no less."

wow, arya wants the tickler killed. nice.

"go on girl, your master's thirsty."


9:26 - beyond the wall, kiddies

9:26 - jon and mormont walk and talk, it seems they're on the way to meet halfhand.

9:27 - sam likes history and the first men. the clouds are fucky. jon is ominous. one blast of the horns has gone "one blast for friends. two blasts for foes. three blasts for white walkers."  sam knows this because of books.

9:28 - apparently halfhand is on his way back!

9:29 - wildfire! it melts wood, stone, steel and flesh.

9:30 - "our order does not deal in pigshit!"

9:31 - bronn is quite skeptical of this wildfire, but this room full of pots of wildfire is quite intimidating! cersei commanded 7811.

"this is a shit idea!"

9:32 - oh man, dany is teaching drogon dracarys! he will learn to burn on command!
the finest day / that i've ever had / was when i learned / to cry on command

9:32 - doreah says that dany should see the dress xaro has made for her, as he is the richest man in qarth - but dany is not easily sold.

9:33 - "men like to talk about other men, when they're happy."

9:33 "you would look like a real princess in xaro-

"- she is not a princess, she is a khaleesi!"
 too true!

9:34 - qarth is like a beautiful labyrinth!

9:35 - YES!!! PYAT PREE!

9:36 - i cannot wait for dany to enter the house of the undying.  it is essential.

936 - in qarth, apparently, traditions die a slow death.

9:37 - holyshitshitshit, is that quaithe??  her mask is incredible!  but she appears first to jorah, and not to dany?

9:37 - "it looked like stannis."
hell yes it did!  catelyn, you should listen to brienne!  but instead, i guess you can talk about your moms or...whatever.

9:39 - poor brienne...she truly loved him.  "i do not know your son.  but i know you! have courage.  not battle courage, perhaps, but a woman's courage!"
she asks not to be held back from taking vengeance on stannis.  she swears on the old gods and the new  it's beautiful, intense, and sincere.

9:41 - bran is acting as lord in winterfell, the poor ten-year-old he is.  though still older than the books, so hey!  bright side?

9:41 - oh shit!  torrhen's square is under siege!  bran insists "we have to help them.  if we can't protect our own banner, how can they protect us?"
he is a surprisingly excellent lord for a ten-year-old!  what an excellent contrast to fourteen-year-old joffrey.

9:43 - osha is confronting bran about his wolf dreams, and he confesses that he dreamt the sea coming to winterfell, overflowing, over the walls, flooding the yard, drowning everyone who tried to protect it.  HOLY.  FUCKING.  SHIT.  osha attempts to brush it off, even going so far as to shirk the opportunity to tease bran with the wildness beyond the wall, with which she is familiar.

9:44 - hey, good transition!  now we are beyond the wall!  it is super exciting.

9:45 - jon snow offers to go with quorin halfhand!  the old bear is reluctant to let him go, but acknowledges his worth to the ranging.
``i hope you make a better ranger than a steward."

9:47 - shit!  xaro just busted out that ser jorah is in love with dany!  to be honest, i didn't feel that at all in the tv show, as compared to in the books (when dany is not so foolish as to miss that fact).

9:48 - "what do you want, xaro xhoan doaxas?"  possibly mispelled.
i wonder as well

9:48 - oh, he wants to bust into a safe?  okay then.  but he has the key?  and wants to share half of it with dany, in exchange for...

9:49 - marriage?  wait, the gods stole her?  the books make it pretty clear that xaro only fucks "boys."

9:49 - i like this actor though!  he plays it quite severely, but with poise.  "the time is yours, daenerys targaryen, first of your name."

9:50 - ser jorah is reluctant to trust xaro, but dany has reason to mistrust basically everybody.  what is she to do?

9:50 - "do not speak to me like i'm a child!"
"i only want-"
"-what do you want?"

9:51 - ser jorah makes an impassioned statement for his involvement in her life, and his investment in her success...its quite emotionally stirring and tense, seeing how dany must accept it in order not to lose her finest advisor - and it is significantly different than the first time ser jorah delares himself in the book, which involves kissing her and touching her bare breast(s).  hooray for adaptation!

9:52 - gendry!  arya advises him to stand sideways, to make a smaller target.  gendry asks if he's fighting someone, and arya says that he's practicing to fight someone, so he might as well do it right.  at this point, someone dies!  a reasonable distraction.

9:53 - snap!  it was the tickler!  jaqen h'gar has paid 33.3% of his debt to r'hllor!  and we are ending ridiculously early, yet again!

our verdict?
sort of a pretty much a movie - live!!!!

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