Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#TDKR07202012: ...Pretty Much A Trailer!

today at ...prettymuchamovie!, we're introducing a new feature! movies have trailers, and we talk about things that are pretty much movies. it really just seems like a logical conclusion that we should discuss the tiny film snippets that studios use to hock their newest wares.

so, today we begin our ongoing ...prettymuchatrailer series by reviewing the most recent trailer for christopher nolan's the dark knight rises. join us beyond the cut to check it out!

so as you may or may not be aware, viral marketing for TDKR returned last night with a series of international scavenger hunts for batman 'graffiti'. it was a fun experience to participate in, and we're pleased to announce that the staff of ...prettymuchamovie is partially responsible for the internet reveal of the film... in that we played along and contributed to the game. essentially frames were uploaded to a website in small clumps, and we helped out. this eventually revealed a trailer. check out a recap of how that happened over here. check out a .gif of said frames...right below!


anyway, this all culminated in the reveal of the newest (and apparently last) trailer for the dark knight rises. which you can see on all sorts of great sites, specifically that of the viral campaign site, or any other random news and movie site, or here.

here we go!

sooo, it's pg 13

we start off with some old bruce and selina kyle voiceovers. she's not catwoman yet. there's a storm coming. and a plane. and bane ;)

blaine is a pain; bane is in the plane.


seriously though, the plane-cutter scene from the prologue is k-razy.

sooo, moving on. bane has apparently captured a dazed bruce!

"what are you?: bruce asks.

"i'm gotham's reckoning," bane tells him.

it seems bane is gotham's reckoning who likes to blow up football fields and bridges and kidnap bruce wayne and leave jgl in awe...ooh, and speak super posh. seriously though - he kidnapped bats. where's that going?

catwoman/selina isn't sure if he's dead, but bane wont kill him. his punishment must be more severe!

ooh, more montages.

camo tumbler. bane dropping broken batmask. selina telling jgl she's afraid of bane. alfred saying he won't bury bruce. gordon likes flares. batman likes rooftops, and catwoman likes batman! ooh! and hey, lucius is still around! there's a lot of epic-sounding conversation, and making out with marion cotillard, so you know she's there.

oooh, and a snappy cheesy comic book punch line! huzzah! that said, it was awesome!

this isn't a car, and he isn't val kilmer. but either way, this film is taking us to the thircus.

sooo, yeah. this trailer looks pretty good. so what, it has the typical BS of no continuity, completely butchered dialogue, an oversexed catwoman and a few too many heavily suggested plot points for those of use who will pore over it for the next 10 weeks, but hey. that's the life. bane looks badass, and football games blow up, and planes are cut apart, and batman is back, and yeah... that seems like a pretty damn good premise for a movie, no?

our verdict?
...pretty much a trailer!

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