Friday, May 25, 2012

the great gatsby: ...pretty much a trailer!


hey look! it's new york, full of overexposed brightness and overhead camera angles!
and tobey's telling you about it.  well, listen to who's started acting again.

"new york, 1922.
the tempo of the city had changed sharply.
the buildings were higher,
the parties were bigger,
the morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper.
the restlessness approached hysteria."

yay!  black people!  insanely fashionable black people, i might add - in a convertible?

tom: hey, do you like convertibles?
jane: sofas?

so apparently big CGI buildings, car parties, and vocoders are signifiers of decadence in the 1920's? i guess? of course.

in the most decadent party yet, people discuss gatsby, and that makes him seem legendary.

"who is this gatsby?"
"do you know him?"
"a war hero!"
[holy shiiiiiit, amitabh bhachchan is in this?!  how utterly awesome and appropriate!]

"mr. gatsby doesn't exist."
"gatsby?  what gatsby?"
(psst!  that last bit was spoken by daisy!)

and of course, gatsby is gatsbying in his crucially decadent reveal of a party.

roger: i need to put together the chips and guac and creamsicles i bought. (link)

anyway, he's requesting the presence of carey mulligan, who i suppose is a character here. daisy? probably daisy. definitely daisy, apparently. i'm not sold though.

"i'm certainly glad to see you again." (daisy)
"i'm certainly glad to see you as well." (gatsby)

lee...i'm very fond of you as well. (link)

hey look! amitabh! he has a hat. a dooope hat.  at such a rakish angle!

oooh, baz luhrman directed it. now i understand. both it looking like crap, and y'know, the leo.  who, let's face it, looks pretty sweaty throughout this trailer.

this oughta help! (link)

hey, the music here kind of, it isn't good!

it's montage time, cigars, and clothes tossing and polo, and more cigars and cars, and parties. it's good but... too many trailers are built on big songs (jack white in this case) and bigger voice over segments.

carey mulligan moves her mouth a LOT, which is probably meant to be characterizing.  i'll allow it.

so apparently the movie contains kissing and fast cars and drama.  and ALL of the lights.


the drama is evidenced by the intensity at the trailer's apex - fast cars! shouting! obscenities! sex! everything on earth!

it's interesting how it appears as though 2012 will be the year that both the spider-man franchise and tobey maguire regain the public's respect. it's humourous that the two events are mutually exclusive, and yet not at all surprising.

also, the choice of releasing it on christmas is well, odd. it makes sense to release it on one of the more consumery days of the year, and yet - do that many people go to movies on christmas?
(ha!  although one or both of us do almost every year, so.)

poc count: approximately 15 i could see, with 1 person speaking one or more lines.  let's face it, that's more than i expected to see.

our verdict?
...pretty much a trailer!

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