Saturday, May 5, 2012

the amazing spider-man: ...pretty much a trailer!

...prettymuchatrailer! is back!  and we've got another comic book movie for you to anticipate.  check after the jump for an embed of the latest trailer for the amazing spider-man and our synopsis/commentary!


ooh, the trailer is rated rated G.

hey, look! columbia pictures.

this amped-up vision of new york looks like a watered-down, unimaginative tokyo.  heavy on the sugary-brights, candy-floss sunrises, and sticky-glazed lighting.  spidey's on the roof of oscorp at the beginning, with some action scenes and talk about powerful enemies by peter (like the lizard. he looks cool). see, spidey is doing a voice-over here. he'll be doing a lot of that. peter likes to talk, and well... he's pretty funny so we'll let it slide.

boom! funeral! but for who?!
ooh, probably uncle ben!

boom! spider-web! but from where!?
that's right, not his body!  and the sounds the web-slingers make are pretty exciting and hi-tech!

boom? peter wants to know about his parents? ooh. well. that's new.

now for some webslinging!
hey look, it's gwen stacey - her dad is dennis leary. this is an interesting development, 'cause he's an asshole.
okay, well he's actually just captain stacy, head of the NYPD.  i like the way gwen tells peter he's "a wanted man."

gwen knows pete's spider-man, and tells him her dad has 500 officers looking for him. pete says that seems a bit excessive, and sounds cutely british in his cadence!  that said, his accent seems very consistent.

more montages reveal spider-man is clever and good at skateboarding when not in costume, and that he pretends his weakness is small knives when taking down would-be car thieves who dress obviously.
it's so adorable.  and we love him.

he seems to do a pretty good job acting in the suit and/or mask!  though the mask does come off a couple of times over the course of this trailer, so...

apparently this peter parker guy is good at science, and so were his parents. they left when he was very young. this is revealed in shots of young peter talking to his dad, and older peter making webslingers, cause hey - fuck you, sam raimi.

this doc connors guy (rhys ifans!  from greenberg!) apparently knows about his parents, but he's the lizard, and that's certainly going to lead to some issues. some guy asks if the lizard told parker about his parents. this guy is dark and spooky. literally. we don't see him, just hear his voice. his unseen presence bodes well for the rest of the trilogy! either way, there's a significant amount of discussion pertaining to petey's parents here... sorta new for spider-man. i hope they stick with the story that's there, and not get all hollywood, 'change all the things' on it.

ooh!  lizard eye! exciting. more montages show some badass sideways fight scenes between animals (spiders, lizards) on the sides and tops of buildings, and bridges, and through the really looks quite badass, specifically for all that CG. the music too, it should be noted , sounds great here and far more ne sais quoi, 'spider-man-inity to it? but anyway, to rooftop fights! and then to underwater fights! yay! we also see spinning double helixes, black lights, lazers and dark rooms to tell you, well, y'know, science is happening! because peter parker is scientist photographer highschool student super hero...he's no slouch.

boys with bad posture don't get gold stars. (link)

our verdict?
...pretty much a trailer!

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