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#SixSeasonsAndAPremiere!: Community Season Premiere Liveblog!

Hey! Guess what?

Community is back - sure, October 19th was a long time coming, but it's finally here!

We covered the season 3 finale for you last spring, and we're here to take on this season's premiere tonight.

There are a tonne of questions to be answered this season (regardless of how complete the last year's finale was) and we'll get that ball rolling promptly at 8 pm!

how will dan harmon's departure affect the show?
how does the dreamatorium work now that it's been re-scaled and modeled?
how will the group adapt to the various "chang-es" that present themselves this season?

i missed ben.

hit the jump, and we'll find out together!

7:30 - hey there! you're early, but thanks for coming! feel free to grab a drink from the fridge and find a spot on the couch - i think there's some space down by the end. feel free to join the conversation! i'm sure we're all pretty jazzed, after all community's return is a dream come true

too much wordplay? deal with it!
source: us HAHA!

7:45 - as per ...prettymuchamovie standards and protocol, tonight's episode is being accompanied by Steamwhistle pilsner, and the Mill street 10th anniversary sampler - that and as per always, some David's Tea.

Shirley's with us on this one

7:55 - it's almost here! squee!

poor squee never exemplifies the feeling that he shares a name with.
source: jhonen vasquez, via umm, somethin'

8:00 - our season premiere gets started with Troy and Abed back from summer? with a laugh track? and "twelve additional thumbtacks?" ha, each of the characters (exclude Abed, and obviously Jeff) has "cool hipster glasses"). it's pretty darned funny.

"we should get to class, where's Pierce?"

and then some dude shows up who's not chevy chase. it's fred willard as Pierce.

any way, this is all actually just a therapy question between Abed and Britta. turns out this previous place was his happy place - thus we get an awesome intro theme song from Abed. great!

...y'know, except for the mix which was terrible.

8:02 - "Abed's community show is filmed in front of a live studio audience in Abed's head."

anyway, here we do with the group actually meeting back up.

Annie and Shirley decide to have senoritis

or, annie says she wants to do it and Shirley wants in. annie wants Jeff though.


these shots are closer, and weird... and Troy looks older.

Abed keeps getting upset because at mentions of their last year.

8:03 - there's an ice cream class rush, but luckily Jeff has saved room for the study group! he was also wearing hipster glasses, which he hands off to neil when he sees Britta's.

oh look! Britta and Troy are holding hands, there's some snark about this.

8:04 - the dean makes an announcement! databases were hacked! everyone (essentially) is signed up for ice cream class.

there's a super cute "follow me tooooo" scene that culminates in, THE HUNGER DEANS!

8:05 - oh no! news alert! Jeff took extra classes online, and is but one credit from graduating, which was to be the ice cream/only available history class! he wants to take it as the last class together with the group.

Troy wants to team up with Abed, but Abed suggests Troy team up with Britta.
there's a cute interplay between fine and fyne.  it's the latter which actually means "fine."

8:06 - cut to Abed's world. the dean is coming in for a lan-dean, all decked out like an aviator!  but not amelia earheart - hollywood's most attractive aviator, leonardo dicaprio!


these scenes are too hilarious to keep up with.

anyway, the dean has lost the student records "which were stored in a microsoft paint file, which i was TOLD was future approved!"

as a result, in Abed's happy place, everyone has to repeat the previous three years.

wow. Abed's happy place keeps them there forever!


8:10 - "GENTLEMAN... and ladies" the Dean opens, and the Hunger Deans have begun. Asian Annie Kim is here to fight Jeff, but he fights her off to obtain one.

am i the only one who thinks the dean's unicorn's are eerily reminiscent of rebel and sinbad?

"This is my first ball! New Jeff!" he says, slamming the ball down near Pierce and Abed.

8:11 - Back to Abed's happy place for sitcom-y hijinx. I love it when Abed is losing his shit.

Back in regular world, Shirley and Annie have broken into the Dean's office.

"Now he's going to feel weird. Like someone was here! Let's go," Annie says.

Shirley convinces her to stay and commit an actual prank.
They exchange ideas and settle on filling his car with popcorn.

There's a cute little part where Annie finds the Dean's keys, based on his height in heels.
Jeff breaks in with a ball.

"New Jeff!"
"Jeffrey, is that blood in your shirt?"
"Yeah, it's okay. It's Leonard's."

8:13 - Hmm, there's a cute part with Troy and Britta now. They're at the fountain, trying to make wishes, but she doesn't understand their idiosyncratic rules.

"your rules are stupid"
"they're Abed's rules and they're awesome!"

they end up fighting in the pond, and Britta ends up choking Troy who asks "why does this feel good?"

8:14 - at the dean's car. annie is worried about Jeff being a gross lawyer, Troy and Abed drinking coffee, and her becoming a "boring hospital administrator" which she doesn't really want to do (possibly a call-back to mixology certification?).

the bartender in this episode is tig notaro!  how much more can i possibly love this show?

8:15 - back at the hunger deans, Jeff is going all purple roundy and beating the shit out of all of these people in various american gladiator-esque games.

8:16 - the dean throws down a trump card when announcing the next competition! it will require emotional attachment! the tango is the next challenge.

contestants must chose a partner, and Jeff choses the dean!

the dean's unicorns rip off his one dress to reveal another!

"the fountain works!"

8:16 - we cut to the Abed happy place! annie's found out that there's a backup of the student records! in a safe.  shaped kind of like an apple?

meta meta!

8:17 - back at the tango, Jeff reveals he knows the dean's plan. he doesn't want Jeff to graduate, hence a previously existing history course disappearing.

neil and vickie are dancing too. it's cute.

Jeff wins anyway, and has his third ball.

8:18 - oh SHIT! greendale Abed happy place inception!!!
in Abed's happy place, Britta suggests Abed go to a happy place, and as such, GREENDALE babies is born. i kid you not.

8:19 - commercialz.

8:21 - we're back, and everyone notices that Abed's a little whacked out.  metameta!

the last hunger game is about to begin though, and new Jeff takes off to get the last ball, with annie's permission.

Britta explains and Troy freaks out.

"you told him to go somewhere in his mind? do you know who you're talking to?"

"there is one thing we can try," Troy tells them.

they all hold hands and Troy tries to infiltrate Abed's mind. we see inside Abed's happy happy place, but they can't access him? because of the lack of Jeff?

anyway, conveniently at this time, baby real Jeff decides to go help.

baby Jeff walks in "you know what guys, i have something to say"

"like always!" the babies say in unison!

in Abed's happy place, Jeff makes a speech, and Abed feels better while an ad for "blind blonde" a show that features Annie and Britta is advertised on the bottom.

anyway, Abed snaps back to reality.

"that was a killer speech, Jeff," he says.

"i didn't say anything,"Jeff tells him.  apparently he just walked up about four seconds ago.

8:24 - Abed apologizes to Troy for missing the fountain, then Troy explains that Britta's implemented a new rule: no rules. Abed says they can talk about it.  which pretty much means "hell fucking no."

8:25 - in the jeff's hallway, we find out the dean is totally going to offer another history class "or we lose like, 40, 000 dollars in grant money"
i mean, because he totally loves Jeffrey!

oh, then it turns out the dean has bought the condo across the hallway.  they're almost-roomies!

"oh, you've got wine? i've got friends with benefits - no subtext there," says the dean, tapping his nose/open mouth.

8:26 - cut a mailman outside being handed a wet, wrinkled paper by a naked man.

"my name is kevin. i have changnesia"

the camera pans back, and a naked chang is revealed, standing before the man.


8:29 - the post credits, Troy and Abed appear in drag, on their way to antics 101.

"are you sure this is going to work?" says Troy
"of course. it's antics," responds Abed.

the dean shows up to stop them from entering - because he wants to ask them where they got their dresses!  however, he is quickly distracted by the need to stop britta from entering the classroom. he knows a man when he sees one!  shirley opens the door and confirms this in a booming voice, winking to let us know she is in on the shenanigans.  oh, Abed!

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