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The Walking Dead Season 3 LiveBlog! Episode 10: Home!

You're back!
You survived, good for you. You're doing a lot better than some of the chumps on this show.

Welcome back for another fanciful week of Walker-Geddon in the hills (plains) of Georgia, with the fine folk of The Walking Dead. Last week's episode "The Suicide King" offered up a lot of changes, and hopefully we'll see how these changes affect our characters in this week's episode, called "Home"

yeah, anytime i can put NIN in a post, i will. they have a song with the same name of an ep? boooooom

So, will the fine folks of Woodbury retaliate on Rick's Posse?
Will Ghost Lori be able to prevent Rick from killing teenage girls with machine guns? (man, he did that.)
How will the Whistlin' Dixons deal with brotherhood again so suddenly after all this time apart? And with their separate allegiances?

too much? not enough? let us know!

take off your shoes and coat and come on inside. we've got some drinks and snacks, and a whole bunch of walking dead ahead, so c'mon in.

8:30 - you're early, so you might have to amuse yourselves. hopefully you have more luck with that than carl.

is he trying to play risk?

8:45 - as per usual, you need refreshments during the walking dead. As such, we're having some tasty home-made bacon infused mac and cheese. During the episode? Our preferred beer will be James Ready 5.5 and our tea of choice will be Genmaicha from David's Tea.

9:00 - alright, here we go! another week, another gory, gross episode?
remember all that stuff that happened last week? well, they're trying to remind you. with clips of it.
rick was crazy, no?

9:00 - then we open up at the prison, ravens chirping in the background.

Rick is carrying around skids and scouting with binoculaurs.
Nothing but walkers and Michonne out there.
Michonne is living on the opposite side of the fence maybe?

Man, screw that. Oh, no, she's just outisde.

9:01 - whelp, then Rick sees Lori, all backless dressed up out in the fields.
He grabs a gun to go get her, lush ghost pads playing in the background.

9:02 - Lori might be standing at her own grave in her fairly sexy wedding dress.
Rick gets close to her, and obviously she's not there, so the camera gets all spinny, to imply his wackiness.

9:03 - oh, good - now Lori's out on the other side of the fence.
Naturally, Rick runs past Michonne, opens both gates (leaving them open) and chases ghost Lori.
Luckily Michonne is there to close his gates.

What, was this dude raised in a barn?

oh, right.

9:04 - At a creek, Rick meets up with Ghost Lori.
She touches his face, sorta, and he tries not to look at her boobs, it seems?
More crows and Ravens caw as Michonne looks on, realizing how whacked Rick is.

Michonne's wardrobe is tight.  Seriously coveting parts of it now.
The music there was pretty out of normal Walking Dead scope. Not the typical minor key scariness.  Well, until the familiar fugue comes in.


9:07 - back at Woodbury's wall of tires.

ooh, that was an establishing shot.

we're actually with The Gov and Andrea. Well, The Gov has called on Andrea.

"That was umm, that was quite a speech you gave them. Exactly what these people needed to hear."

"What about the Prison," Andrea wants to know.

"While the leave us alone, nothing."

"So no retaliation?"

Why does Andrea buy any of this?  I honestly don't understand her at all.
The Governor says he won't attack the Prison, then goes on about how he's screwed up Woodbury and isn't fit to lead. He says Andrea is.
oh.  so this is why Andrea is still listening?


"So you're abdicating me?" says Andrea.

Well, that's fitting sorta, with the Pope and all. He's Jackson Lake, he's the Governor, he's the Pope, damn.  Fleeing upon the evidence of horrible corruption, and whatnot.

9:09 - the Gov goes on to beg Andrea to stay, because he and these people need her.
It's pretty sappy, and who seriously trusts this dude.

Hey, is there like, a barber in Woodbury?

9:10 - We're out in the woods with the Whistlin' Dixons.

"patience little brother, sooner or later a squirrel will cross your path."

Daryl tells Merle that's not enough, and suggests looting or fishing.
Merle is paranoid and thinks Daryl is trying to lead him back to the prison.
Daryl kinda is.

"Everyone will get used to each other."

damn, Reedus is a good actor.  His body language and demeanor around Merle are both very impressive.  Also, Merle is super-gross.

9:11 - Merle tells Daryl his friends are probably dead, and that the Governor has offed them all already.
Daryl spits as they go to start some fishing.


9:11 - okay, back at the Prison, Glenn and Carl are mapping out breaches in the Prison, planning security.

"If walkers just waltzed  in, armed men would have no problems."

Becky says they might leave them alone. Who knows?

Michonne finally speaks!

"He had fishtanks full of heads. Humans and walkers..."

Michonne knows he'll come for them. Glenn wants to go for the Governor.

"Rick would never allow this," Hershel tells him.

Glenn says Rick isn't fit to judge.  And I mean...who can argue with that?  Even before Rick started hallucinating on the regular, his track record was pretty dismal.

Hershel advocates leaving, but Glenn points out that Hershel is now down a leg, and the group is now up a baby. Maggie gets upset and takes off, upset with what Glenn's become.

Glenn decides they'll stay and defend.
The group is breaking down sans leadership. It's not good, but Glenn is trying

9:14 - back at Woodbury with Milton and The Gov.
Milton is zoned out at his desk with the Gov comes in. He's using alpha waves to induce a meditative state 'cause he can't sleep. Interesting.

"You've been invaluable," Gov says. "Do you intend to stay?"

"Leaving's never crossed my mind."

"Good, because I count on you. Not just for your expertise, but because I consider you a friend."

Gov goes on to play Milton like a fiddle, about the men he's lost, and what they'd give for him.

He tells Milton he's not sure where Andrea's loyalty lies, asks Milton to keep an eye on her.

Milton obviously agrees as we go to commercialz.

9:20 - on the wall at Woodbury, Andrea wants to know where Martinez is. Karen on the wall gives her sass. She doesn't know anything.

Gee. Did these guys go to the prison?

Andrea calls out to Milton, and there's a terrible random echo.  Aren't they supposed to be outside?

Andrea wants to know where the Gov is.

"He's out on a run," Milton says.

"Is that a question or an answer," Andrea says.

Milton claims that the Gov is out getting supplies.

"...getting supplies!"
dr. quinn came here for this, so.

Hmm, not suspicious at all.

9:21 - back that the Prison, they're having more difficulty keeping walkers at bay in the Prison, let alone  keeping attackers at bay. The group is scared of the fence giving way, hordes coming, or the Gov.

Glenn wants to check the far side of the prison, take a car with him. Axel offers to go with him, but he wants Maggie. Hershel asks if he thinks she's up for that.  I think that an important person is missing from this conversation.  Who could it be?

9:22 - Glenn's in Maggie's cell, telling her they need to find out how the walkers are getting into the tombs. Then he gets all douchey about Maggie's situation.

"Maggie we need to talk about this."
"I do, or you do?" Maggie asks.

She goes on to explain what happened to her to Glenn...

"Did he," Glenn almost asks.

Maggie can use words, so she goes on. "Rape me? No. No. Do you feel better? I had a choice, either I take of my shirt or he'd take off your hand."

She continues describing her experience; it is well-performed, and triggering enough that I'm going to stop trying to re-cap it.

Glenn apologizes and she shoves him. Telling him to go, "'cause he got [his] answer."

Good stuff.

9:24 - Axel and Carol are out in the yard reinforcing fences.
Axel is scared of guns and is also gross.

apparently he robbed a gas station with a toy gun.

"You said Oscar was the thief, and you were in here for pharmaceuticals."

Carol's smooth, and Axel is a bit of a quick talker, I think. Claims the cops found his brother's gun and not his. Claims he doesn't even know how to use a gun.

Carol starts showing him the basics of his piece.

"It's fully loaded," she says pulling out the magazine. "Let's hope it stays that way."

Axel tells her she's quite the lady, and they share a moment before we're back to the Dixons.  My reaction to this was basically: Carol, no!  Absolutely be flattered by his compliments, as you deserve all that and more - but please don't do anything stupid.  You've only just come back to us!

9:26 - "You know what I think? I may have lost my hand, but you lost your sense of direction."

Things are getting tense with the boys as they venture through the woods.

Daryl hears some noises, and they've come upon some people with a situation.

A group of people is stuck up on a bridge with walkers on them.

"Jump," Merle says, as Daryl goes to help. Merle laments this decision, because these people "ain't cooked me a meal..." or blah blah.

Daryl's running to help as commercials come.

9:30 - back on the bridge some spanish speaking people are fending off a small horde with but one gun. Daryl gets in there crossbowing walkers and stabbing others with the spent bolts, reloading and repeating. It turns out these men are defending a lady and her baby in a car. A walker is getting in there with the lady, but Daryl smashes its skull in the trunk.

9:32 - Merle makes a good shot to give Daryl an assist, who then goes back to clearning the bridge almost single handedly, now with his knife.

With the last walker dispatched, he gives the man an eye and goes to check on the woman.

Merle however is there, gun in hand threatening everyone.

There's a bit of a language barrier, to which Merle reacts with his particular blend of violent, racist glee and opportunism.

"Let 'em go," Daryl tells Merle.

"The least the can do is give us an enchilada or something," Merle tells him, and goes on to try to raid the peoples' shit.

9:33 - Daryl draws his bow on Merle - tells him to get out of the car.
Daryl tells the people to get in their car and go, and they do, running over heads and parts the whole way.

9:34 - the brothers angrily cross the bridge, Daryl retrieving more bolts.  We sure hope he attempts to clean them before shooting any potential food.

9:34 - Merle is pissed about Daryl helping people, asking if Rick taught him to help. Daryl says he helped because there was a baby. They start fighting about allegiances and what happened in Atlanta

"I didn't cut your hand off, you did. You were well on the way on to it before they locked you up there."

There's a bunch more arguing before "a bomb" is dropped that the brothers were planning on robbing the original camp outside Atlanta?

Merle attacks Daryl, ripping his shirt off to reveal a bunch of scars. There's some slightly veiled discussion about childhood abuse, and how Merle got out before it started with him.

"If I knew that I would have killed him," he tells Daryl.

Daryl decides he's going back, but Merle tries to stop him.

"I can't go with you. I tried to kill that black bitch. I almost killed the chinese kid."

"He's Korean," Daryl responds.

"Whatever," Merle says.

Actually a pretty great call-back to season one.


Daryl tells him that he's not leaving, Merle is, and takes off.


9:41 - outside the Prison, Hershel is chasing after Glenn.

"You're not going back to Woodbury, are you?" He asks Glenn.

Glenn claims he's not. Hershel says he can't head out on his own.

"You went out on a formula run, and got the crap kicked out of you, and you had Maggie with you."

Hershel tells Glenn that he can't go on with this rage, that it'll kill him.

Glenn says that with Rick in "crazy-town" he's the next on charge.

9:42 - Glenn drives off and Carl closes the gate after him.

9:43 - Hershel looks to Rick wandering around outside the fence I think?

9:43 - Becky and Maggie have a scene taking care of little Asskicker.
The music is decidedly soft again. Becky is worried about Maggie and doesn't know how to show it.
They have a nice sisterly moment ultimately though.

The Greene's are so lucky to have their family mostly intact.

9:44 - Rick is wandering around out on the outskirts near the fence, with Hershel calling his name.

9:45 - Rick approaches Hershel, looking like a crazy cat, as per usual.

"You know I wouldn't have hobbled all the way down here if it wasn't important. Are you coming back soon? Glenn's on a warpath, he can't fill your boots. I'm afraid he's reckless. We need you."

"Well, if you're so worried about him, you lead"

whoa. Hershel asks him what he's doing out there.

"umm, I'm doing. I've got... stuff."

Rick shakes his head, but goes on the explain.

"I saw something."

He approaches the fence.

"Lori. I saw Lori. I'm seeing Lori. Look, I know it's not really her. But there's got to be a reason. It's got to mean something."

"Was it her on the phone?"

"Yeah, Shane too. And the town."

"Do you see them now?" Hershel asks.  "You're looking for them?"

Rick says he's just waiting. Because in time it'll make sense.

9:47 - "Rick, c'mon in. You need rest. It's not safe out here."

"I cant'. I can't. I can't," Rick says and takes off.

9:48 - Michonne watches all that from a distance.

Axel flirts with Carol.

He notes that Rick's losing it. He's seen plenty of dudes crack, but Prison worked for him.

"life was more simple."

"didn't you miss your brother?" Carol asks him.

"hell, no, son of a bitch had a money problem. in that he didn't lend me any."

Axel starts talking some more, but then he gets shot in the head.
Carl looks hilarious as he realizes this. We got reaction shots from everyone,
and then a look at the Gov, who's holding a smoking gun.

Glad his depth perception isn't too affected.  Except that I hate him.

Anyway, it was obvious that this was Axel's last episode, because they were doing as much as they could to humanize him and complete his face turn before that bullet went through his cranium. Cool to see that the writers were so glad how well this worked for T-Dog's death, and decided to reuse it as a result.

commercials, of course.

9:52 - back!

at the Prison, Rick and everyone is getting blasted at!
Carol covers herself with Axel.

Rick and Michonne begin returning fire, but they're actively surrounded.

Everyone has taken cover, and the Governor laughs and blasts some warning shots.

9:54 - Maggie comes out with reinforcement weapons.

Carol's up and armed now.

Michonne misses the Gov narrowly and he barely flinches.

The sound of a car rings out in the distance.
A large truck breaches the front gate of the Prison.

The governor is laughing. He loves this shit. Walker bombing and shooting into the air.

9:55 - everyone lies in wait as the engine lies idling in the middle of the yard.
a gate swings down on the back of the truck and a bunch of Walkers jump out.

Poor  Hershel is right in the line of sight of the loose walkers.

9:56 - A woman covered in protective gear gets out of the van and starts blasting, and gunfire rings out with Rick taking out Walkers, Hershel capping walkers, Maggie taking down Woodburians and the Governor (and presumably some cronies) taking off in their vehicle down the street, passing a returning Glenn on the way down... The governor left? Why? Drop a Walker bomb and leave? That's so Doctor Evil.

next there'll be walkers with frickin' lasers on their heads.

9:57 - Rick is cornered on the fence by about ten Walkers, and one of their skulls is suddenly pierced by an arrow! Daryl AND Merle are there!

Michonne is decapitating fuckers left and right.  We were kind of hoping she'd be the one to save Rick, so he'd finally shut up about her being a liability already.
Merle and Daryl and Rick smash.

The gates are closed, and the Prison may have gotten the situation under control.

9:59 - Daryl and Rick share a cute nod, assessing the situation at hand.

Rick, Daryl and Merle are trapped between the outer yard and the prison. This area is riddled with zombies. Rick looks crazy, and we cut to clips from next week.

10:00 - holy shit, that was one of the better episodes of this season.  Very fast-paced, and has me impatient for the next episode for the first time in almost years.  Hooray?


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