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The Walking Dead Season 3 Liveblog! Episode Twelve: Clear !

hey hey!

are you ready for another week of walkers and talkers and dudes with one eye? we know we are.

with the season trucking along, there's plenty of unrest going on there in Georgia. Last we saw everyone, Rick's group had jettisoned Andrea and Tyrese's entire group, but kept Merle. What's the deal with that? Who friggin' knows.

turn it up, and rock some Kardy. he's a 416 guy like us.

So word on the street is that Rick feels overpowered by the Governor's weapons, and is going to try to arm themselves up. How's that going to play out?

-Will Andrea try to kill the Governor some other night after screwing him again?
-Will the writers make Andrea do any more stupid crap?
-Will we finally get some development for Michonne?
-Are there really any extra weapons out there?
-Are there any other supplies out there?

man, you don't even know what's tuna anymore!

bounce jump with us to find out all the answers ye seek.

8:35 - shit dude, you're early. ain't nobody got no answers yet.

8:45 - hey, chill out - the show is still 15 minutes off. make sure you've got some drinks... here at the prettymuchamovie lounge we're rocking some tankhouse from mill st. brewery, as well as some maudite by unibroue and some smirnoff vodka. drink up, put on some tunes.

maybe you've heard of carl's new solo album?

witness the cover art to carl's debut album.
the young man sure has grown up.

8:55 - y'know, tuning in early to see the end of last week's episode, then seeing the reminder of what happened last week at the beginning of the new episode makes me think there's a lot of redundancy going on here.

also, the last scene of last week sucked. particularly the song they play during. yuck.

9:00 - hmm, oddly we see a lot of early footage early. Lori dying, and Rick walkie-talkying to that earlier family he met in the first episode.

9:00 - "erin we tried for stone mountain" reads a sign that Rick, Michonne and Carl pass while driving.
They all sit pretty silent.

They pass a person walking on the road that screams and begs them to stop.

They drive by without even a question.

Carl seems a little shook.

9:01 - They drive up on a pretty gruesome car wreck.
Nearby a walker is trapped under a car.

Somehow they get stuck in the mud?
That's pretty dumb.

Carl isn't wearing the hat.

9:02 - whelp, the car is stuck in the mud and being swarmed by walkers.
One of them is Erin, we learn from one of charm bracelete.

Michonne ain't shook.

Neither is Rick.

"cover your ears," he says.

He rolls down the window and starts blasting.

9:03 - we cut to a scene with all the walkers done.

there's Carl's hat.

aww, Rick is trying to teach Carl how to get cars out of mud.
Carl is cranky about them getting stuck, and doesn't seem to like Michonne.

Rick notes that he didn't want to leave Michonne with Merle.

"Right now we have common interests, but we also have the same problems."

Oh shit, that guy caught up with them.
He's screaming a bunch, and I'm pretty sure they're reusing soundbites.

They use some walker guts and bones and clothes to unstick the car, then drive off leaving buddy behind again as we go the the opening credits.

Wow, they're friggin' heartless now.
Not everybody's the Governor, Ricky.


9:07 - okay, we're back.
still with Rick, Carl and Michonne.
they pull up on what appears to be a small deserted town.

They enter an abandoned police station.

It's been emptied and Rick is pissed. Starting to look a little kooky.

"They got any other police stations in town?"

"I was the police here. Me and a few other guys..."

shit, this was Rick's town.

Michonne tells him they need a lot of guns.
Rick mentions places on main street that have guns. bars, liquor stores.
he knows they're there because he's signed the papers.

"do you have a problem with that approach?" rick asks michonne, who had sighed.
"no rick, i don't have a problem." then she hands him a bullet.

9:09 - oooh, creepy blood looking graffitti on a wall "AWAY WITH YOU"
and a bunch of charred bodies.

they follow some arrows spraypainted on the sidewalk.

they come up on something.

"what is it?" michonne asks

"NO GUILT YOU KNOW THAT" says graffiti on a wall.


says more.

there appears to be some sort of trap?

birds in cages and skateboards tied together.
bloody perches.

"looks like somebody's already made this there," michonne says.

Rick forces them to press on beyond the many traps.

A walker follows in the distance

A car is branded "LIAR"

9:11 - Michonne goes to take out the walker, but Rick says to let it get caught.

Some dude shoots it though.


A sniper on the roof begins a countdown.

Michonne thinks he can get him.

"Carl, go."

A shoot out ensues.

Michonne got up there, but the man has come down.

What's the deal with the pigeons?

A shootout between Rick and the assailant continues.

The man's about to cap Rick and Carl gets him. Square through the chest.

Wow, Rick, you're leaning on him.

"I didn't want you to have to do that," Rick says.

"I had to," Carl responds.

Why'd you bring him then, Rick?

Turns out the guy is wearing body armour!

"He's alive" Rick responds.

"We can't," Michonne tells him.

They take off the man's helmet, and it turn's out he's the man who saved Rick from death in the first episode! (Morgan Jones)

commercial time.

9:17 - we're back, still with Rick and everybody.

"Look out for boobie traps"

Rick is now apparently going to help the guy, feeling indebted.

"He saved my life!"

Bro, so did Michonne.

Rick looks at Carl then remembers that Morgan had a son.

9:18 - oh, Rick falls for an almost obvious booby-trap in a welcome mat above a hole.
Michonne saves him from this one.

They carry Morgan up the steps.


another of his signs say.

they avoid a tripwire on the stairs and continue up.

the wire was attached to a bloody axe that says "TOLD YOU."

this guy was nuts.

9:19 - holy shit! they dude has an insane amount of weapons.

"I showed him the weapons locker last year" Rick says.

"And this was in it," Michonne asks.

"Not even half. He's been busy."

9:20 - wow, there's a bunch of stuff written on this dude's wall which is a pretty interesting read as they raid him.

"how many days"

9:20 - behind more guns Rick finds the walkie.

you forgot about this guy Rick. You're so cold and this is what happened.
This guy is broken 'cause of you.


oh, man. that was his son.

Rick spins around.

"No, we're going to wait for him to wake up."

Michonne advocates taking all his shit.

She thinks this place is dangerous.

Rick wants to stay and talk to him.

"I know him," Rick says.

"He wasn't like this then," Michonne tells him.

Rick decides they're waiting for him to wake up from his gunshot dismorphia.

He does manage to zip-tie him up.

9:22 - Carl turns spies a map of the city while walking about.
It's incredibly detailed, but a little creepy.

It's their old neighbourhood.


9:23 - the grimes men have a sad moment about their house.

9:24 - Rick turns around to hear Michonne eating.
"We're eating his food now?"
"His mat said welcome."

9:25 - Carl decides he wants to go for a run to the baby store? They'll need a crib, and milk, and guns or something? I dunno - Michonne decides to go with him.

Man, finally they're writing Michonne well.

9:25 - outside there's a bunch of stuck walkers, but neither of these two are shook.

9:25 - Michonne casually kills the fuck out a walker. It's great.
Carl uses this opportunity to run off, the sneaky fuck.

Michonne catches up to him.

"the hell was that?"

"I want to do this on my own," and he runs off.

"You just passed the baby place," Michonne says.

"I'm getting Judith something else."

Carl takes off and Michonne follows a great distance behind.

Beautiful shot.

9:26 - Back at Morgan's place, Rick is reading, then thinking?

He sits down, and starts talking to Morgan.

"I'm sorry this happened to you."

Morgan is waking up though, and grabbing a knife strapped to the bed.

Conveniently, Rick is grabbing a gun.

Morgan gets up and Rick pistol whips him down.

"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Rick asks.


okay, the men are fighting, screaming about knowing and not knowing people.

Morgan stabs Rick, and Rick pulls his gun.



Rick holds the gun to his head, and Morgan begs him to kill him.

Hmm, that was a quick turn, but not surprising.

Oh, it's commercials now.

9:32 - so, we're back in the booby-trapped streets, walkers aplenty.
they're pretty dumb, and just walk into this shit.

it seems the pigeons and rats are bait?

9:33 - "just kill me" that seems to be Morgan's favourite phrase.

Rick explains to him what happened, how Morgan saves him.
He tells him about the walkie-talkies.

Morgan seems to remember now.

"I told you I'd turn this on every day so you could find me."


wow, this guy is a crazy guy actor.

"Oh, man. I hadn't worked up to it yet, and then I did. I went up to the roof, and turned it on every day. At dawn. Me and my boy. For days, and weeks. You weren't there. You weren't ever there. STATIC. YOU SAID YOU WOULD TURN YOUR RADIO ON EVERY DAY AT DAWN, AND YOU WERE NOT THERE!!"

wow, this dude is a little bitter.

whelp, Rick brings him up to speed.

"I found my wife and my boy, and people. I had to keep them safe."

"You can have your radio back, 'cause looks like I finally found you."

Well, Morgan is pretty upset about Rick finding his wife and boy.

"And your wife, did she turn?"

"No, she died."

"So you didn't have to see that then? Did you? Not like me, not like my wife. You remember what happened to her? You remember what she was?"


"You gave me the gun,"

Whoa - he never did kill his wife? Interesting.

9:36 - So Duane died on a food run.

"It always came down to food."

"I was down in a cellar, and I didn't want him to come down."

It turns out that when he got back up, his wife was there, and she was with Duane who couldn't shoot her. Then he saw Red, and then he did it.

I can't properly transcribe the awesomeness of this part - this scene is acting win.

"You gave me the gun," he tells Rick.

"And your boy," he asks "is he dead?"


"Well he will be."

Morgan goes on to explain that the good people die, and the bad people die, "but the weak people, the weak people, we've gone on to inherit the earth."

9:39 - hey, a commercial? man, that was intense.
man, I'm digging this episode's return to frantic apocalypse craziness

9:43 - Carl and Michonne come up on "King County"? A diner?

Birds squawk in the bathroom.
Carl goes to open the door and Michonne grabs him.

"You think I was going to let you go in there."

"I just think it's none of your business."

"You came out here for common interests," he tells Michonne.

Yo, Carl. Grow the fuck up.

"I can't stop you," Michonne tells him. "But you can't stop me from helping you."

9:44 - They wheel a bunch of rats in cages into the diner on skateboards.
Well that's pretty fucking rude.

Amidst the distractipn, Carl and Michonne bust in.

Is this all because Carl wants ice cream?

Anyway, there's like, one walker that didn't go for the bait, and that's danger.

9:45 - oooh, creepy stalking about the bar.
Carl is grabbing down a picture that looks pretty personal when a walker grabs his ankle.
Michonne swords the fuck out of it silently.

Things look okay until we see some rats come scurrying out.

All of a sudden there's a massive horde inside the diner though, and there's a great action scene.

They get out, but Carl drops the picture.

"Look, I don't know you, but if you want to get this done wait here."

Carl interrupts.

"Look, no more bullshit. If it gets done this is how we do it."

Michonne disappears for like, 5 seconds, then reappears around the corner with a picture of the Grimes as a family.

Carl says he wanted the picture for Judith, but it's for him. He's such a child in this scene.

Michonne got a cute cat sculpture though, and that's pretty awesome too.

9:48 - Rick is trying to convince Morgan to come with him to the prison.

"Is that where your wife died?"

Rick's taken aback.

"Look, just go."

"Look, we can help you."

"Y'all are taking a lot of guns Rick. A lot of guns. Why you need so many guns."

Rick tells Morgan to come with him.

"You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets. Now I will not be part of that. I will not watch it again."

Morgan doesn't want to go, I think.

He tells Rick to take the guns and go.

"we both started out in the same place," Rick says. "things went wrong for you, and things went wrong for me." well ladeedaa captain obvious.

Rick tells Morgan he can come from this "You gotta be able to come back from this. Morgan, please. You gotta."

Morgan won't.

"I have to clear though man, that's the sign today. I have to, I have to. I have to clear."

what, umm. what does that mean?

9:51 - welp, Rick leaves and we go to commercial with douce hardwick.

9:55 -  Morgan assists Rick in making his way out of the maze, and they meet up with Carl and Michonne.

The group exchanges a brief glance over Rick's stab wound, then divvy up gun bags and carry on.

"He's okay," Michonne says, referring to Morgan who ties up a body.

"No," he's not. Michonne says.

"Hey, Morgan," Carl calls out. "I had to shoot you. You know that, right? I'm sorry."

The group carries on.

"Hey, son." Morgan walks towards them. "Don't ever be sorry."

Holy shit. They just walk away, leaving him there.

9:57 - they're loading supplies into the car.

"Everything okay with her?" Rick asks Carl
"I think she might be one of us," Carl says.

Rick is taken aback. It's pretty funny.

Michonne comes around the side.

"Can I say something," she goes on. "I know you see things. Dead people. I used to talk to my dead boyfriend. "

"You gonna drive?" Rick asks.

"yeah," Michonne says.

"Good, 'cause I see things"

he hands her the keys and we get a driving montage with another somewhat crappy song montage.

they pass a pretty gnarly road reef on the way out, really detailing the amazing makeup work on this show, passing dozens of torn up bodies.

oh, shit. one of them was that guy... pretty much just pulp.

they notice this and reverse the car enough to pick up his backpack.

they drive away on a worm's eye of the car with cicadas and crows going in the background.

10:00 - credits

this was almost certainly the best episode of the seasons so far.
there was a very fun amount of walkers and their guts, and a bunch of action to go with it.
it was highly psychological, between the establishment of rick and michonne's friendship, to Rick accepting his past with Morgan and Carl moving forward with his losses and the potential addition of a new friend. Morgan was just, wow. I'm disappointed it took so long for them to come back to him, but this was great - it was expertly acted by everyone involved, and a super compelling storyline. The slow burn on Michonne has been a little frustrating, but it is at least starting to pay off, which is definitely going to make a solid difference in the show if they can keep it going. It's been a lot of fun to watch the development of Carl, and it's interesting to see how how much his decisions are affected by what Rick does and doesn't do. As much as they push the adult aspect of his personna, Carl is still very much a child, and it shows in this episode. Oh, and Michonne is awesome, which is also evident in this one. Andrew Lincoln? yeah, he's fantastic. Oh, and Lennie James is effin' brilliant. Kudos to pretty much every single aspect of this one. This was deep, and cinematic, and pretty and smart. Why haven't they all been like this? We're all for the idea of slowing things down and telling more in-depth stories for smaller portions of "the group". Also, yes! Michonne got to talk. Lots!

Any way, we're super excited for next week. Make sure you head come back to see how things go.

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